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Senator Barry Goldwater and GranddaughterWelcome to Goldwater’s Foods.

I started this company in 1989 with my mom, Joanne Goldwater and my aunt, Peggy Goldwater Clay. My grandfather was the late Senator Barry Goldwater who instilled in me the appreciation and the beauty of the Southwest and family tradition. We’ve created our line to reflect that. Goldwater’s Foods is proud to offer a diverse line of salsas, including four wonderful fruit salsas, hot sauces, barbeque sauces, “The Senator’s Chili”, and wild jellies, all natural, gluten free and sugar free (except the jellies). We have a fabulous line of gift packs and are happy to ship anywhere in the USA. Check out our food line and recipes! I am sure you will fall in love with them, like all of our loyal customers around here have. We look forward to your business and as Barry used to say, “always keep a pot of chili cookin on the stove”



Carolyn Goldwater Ross

Founder and President Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona




The Goldwater Family

History of the Goldwater’s Name.

The Goldwater name is synonymous with the Southwest with a rich history dating back to the mid 1800’s where the Goldwater family opened up their mercantile store in Northern Arizona, which eventually turned into Goldwater’s Department Stores, it’s in the blood and the tradition has continued…..

Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona was founded over 20-years ago by Carolyn Ross, Joanne Goldwater, and Peggy Goldwater-Clay; the daughters and granddaughter of former late Senator Barry Goldwater. With the background of Joanne’s catering business, Peggy’s former food line, and Carolyn’s entrepreneurial and business expertise, the company has sustained a successful business for over two decades. Known for its traditional salsa, the company has also developed ground-breaking and award-winning, fruit salsas, dips, and other specialty food products.

Goldwater's Department Store


Goldwater’s Foods originated the “Fruit Salsas” with the award winning Paradise Pineapple Salsa under Goldwater’s Taste of the Southwest label. Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of this ground-breaking salsa, three other fruit salsas were inspired and added to the line (Ruby Raspberry Salsa, Mohave Mango Salsa, and Papago Peach Salsa). A collection of Goldwater family recipes has been captured in four traditional salsas, including the Sedona Red Salsa; deemed “excellent”  by The New York Times.








Gift Packs and SaucesGoldwater’s Foods of Arizona offers other specialty food products:

  · Bisbee Barbecue Sauce   

  · Grand Canyon Cranberry Grill Sauce   

  · Senator’s Chili Mix (The Senator’s Recipe)


Goldwater’s Taste of the Southwest collection includes unique gift packs:

  · The Pow*Wow*Pak houses a trio of salsas in a southwestern inspired gift package and is offered in three different variety packages.  

  · The Kachina Collection combines the most popular salsa with the Bisbee Barbecue Sauce packaged in an attractive gift box with outstanding graphics and a convenient rope handle.  

  · Pueblo Set (combines the four most popular salsa) has eye-catching bright green and orange boxes with contemporary southwestern graphics.






Goldwater’s Foods of Arizona has created and maintained a reputation in the food industry as developing and setting the standard of innovation and perfection in southwest flavor, and it reflects in their award winning salsa and food product collection.