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Traditional Salsas

  • Rio Verde Tomatillo
    $7.00 Rio Verde Tomatillo
    This distinctive green salsa combines fruity, ripe tomatillos with fresh vegetables, chiles, and spices. It has a zesty fresh taste with just the right amount of heat making this salsa the perfect complement to poultry,...

  • Cochise Corn & Black Bean
    $7.00 Cochise Corn & Black Bean
    This very low fat salsa is brimming with black beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, fresh onion, chiles and garlic. MILD – MEDIUM - LOW FAT

  • Sedona Red Hot
    $7.00 Sedona Red Hot
    Our extra spicy salsa gets its heat from the Habanero pepper (the world’s hottest chile). HOT – FAT FREE

  • Sedona Red
    $7.00 Sedona Red
    A unique, extra chunky blend featuring a bold, classic salsa taste. The “New York Times” rated this salsa “excellent” and among the top four in the country! MEDIUM – FAT...